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Present at the May 2022 ACECC

Our May 2022 conference will concentrate on the dynamics of coercive control in families and it's impact on children. We are seeking presenters to help educate how coercive control is used, how coercive control can be recognized, and create better public policy to make it illegal throughout the Americas - from Canada to the tip of South America and every country in between.

The 2022 Americas Conference to End Coercive Control is a two-day virtual conference examining the breadth of coercive control in the Americas. The ACECC seeks to help advocates, DV professionals, survivors, court professionals, mental health professionals, and social workers with cutting edge research and resources to aid victims, to educate the public and to introduce legislation that outlaws coercive control as Britain, Scotland, France, Ireland and Wales have. If you would like to make a presentation at the 2022 conference, please complete our presenter application no later than Sunday, February 27, 2022 at 11:59 pm cst.

2022 Tracks

Applicants may submit multiple workshop proposals. Workshops submittals must align with one of the tracks below to qualify for consideration.

  • Track One: When Coercive Control is Present Amongst Families: Understanding the dynamics of coercive control in families and it's generational impacts. 

  • Track Two: Coercive Control - The Roots of Social Injustice: Understanding colonization, legislation, and oppression in the Americas. Solutions to learning from our past and improving our future. 

  • Track Three: Institutionalized Coercive Control (Courts, Police, Religious & Social groups): How coercive control plays a role in society’s institutions, laws, and further traumatizes victims.

  • Track Four: Coercive Control in  Child Sexual Abuse and Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: Recognizing and criminalizing coercive controls to end Child Sexual Abuse and Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking.

To make the most of the two-day conference, our tracks will run concurrently with our “workshop” webinars lasting 75 minutes. The 75 minutes includes time for a 10 to15 minute Q&A. We ask that your presentation have interactive elements to keep the audience engaged. Since the virtual aspect of the webinar requires use of technology, it is also a requirement that all presenters are available for a test session in late April/early May when a test session is scheduled. 

Speaker's Payment

The ACECC is a virtual conference. Typical speaker amenities such as lodging, per diems, travel and transportation costs are not applicable. We do provide speakers complimentary full registration and entry to all virtual conference events.

If you have any questions regarding the tracks or your proposal, please email us at Otherwise, to submit a presentation proposal, please click the button below.

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