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Coercive Control Bill Tracker


The ACECC Coercive Control bill tracker is designed to aid legislatures, advocates, and lobbyists to understand the importance and history of each coercive control bill that has passed. Today we are starting with a beta launch. Stay with us as we grow the bill tracker in four phases.

Recent Bills Enacted




June 28, 2021, Connecticut Governor signed into to law SB1091 (Jennifer's Law). This bill is now 




September 29, 2020, California Governor signed into to law SB1141. The bill amends CA family law code to include coercive control.

HI State Capitol.jpg



On September 15, 2020, the Hawaii Governor signed into law an extensive criminal coercive control bill.

Bills Pending

Washington State Capitiol 2.jpeg


HB 1901

Washington state House passed HB 1901 on Feb. 8, 2022. The bill was introduced to the state Senate Feb. 10, 2022 and was moved into the Senate Committee on Law & Justice. The bill amends Washington state's protection order system to include coercive control to legislation that was thoroughly reformed last year with the passage of HB 1320.



HB 781/ SB 1106

On November 30, 2021 "Greyson's Law" was introduced into the Florida state House (HB 781) and Senate (SB 1106). The bill adds a definition of coercive control to into the state law to add further protections to children. It does not address training and give guidance to the judiciary.

NY State Capitol.jpg

New York


New York proposed a bill in the Senate on April 24, 2019, to establish the crime of Coercive Control and make it a Class E Felony. This bill is still in active review and is awaiting a Senate Committee hearing.

Maryland State Capitol.jpg



February 7, 2020, a bill introduced to the House that expands the state definition of abuse. The bill also adds coercive control as a reason to petition for a peace order or protective order.

South Caolina State Capitol.jpg

South Carolina


Introduced in the House on February 20, 2020, a bill to amend the 1976 Domestic Violence Bill and currently residing in the House Committee on Judiciary, South Carolina is adding section 16-25-130 which creates the offense of Coercive Control. 

Australia Federal Parliment.jpg



New South Wales parliment, a  from the NSW Labor Opposition introduced  legislation that would give domestic abusers up to 10 years in prisonif convicted of coercive control. The progress of the bill has run into some snags early on, 

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International Bills Enacted



Bill 207, Moving Ontario Family Law Forward Act

On Nov 20, 2020, Bill 207, Moving Ontario Family Law Forward Act, received royal assent . It is anticipated to come into effect on March 1, 2021 along with revisions to the Children’s Law Reform Act (CLRA) . This is same date that similar revisions to the federal Divorce Act are implemented.

Scotland Parliment.jpg


Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018

On March 9, 2018, The Domestic Abuse Act passed by the Scottish Parliament created a specific offense of domestic abuse which covers not only physical abuse but other forms of psychological harm and coercive and controlling behavior. Scotland has the most extensive laws on Coercive Control.

UK Parliment.jpg

United Kingdom

Serious Crimes Act of 2015 (UK)  

In June 2015, the UK added Section 76 to the Serious Crime Act 2015 and it was passed in December 2015. The law was created to recognize controlling or coercive behavior in an intimate or family relationship as Domestic Abuse. 

Irish Parliment Building.jpg


Domestic Violence Act of 2018

On May 8, 2018, Ireland’s Domestic Violence Act added the offense of Coercive Control. This law protects not only victims in familial relationships but intimate partners as well.

France Parliment.jpg



September 10, 2010, France adopted into law a ban against “psychological violence within marriage”, becoming the first country to officially criminalize psychological abuse. France has also enacted protections for victims along with high penalties, including fines and imprisonment. In July 2020, improvements were made to protect victims and children. 

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