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May 14, 2022

Rep. Roger Goodman

Washington State Representative Roger Goodman has served his community in elected office for nearly two decades. Goodman has spent much of his career improving legislation for domestic violence victims, children, and families. His recent bill, the Goodman bill (1901), is a progressive and comprehensive anti-coercive control legislation adding protections against coercive control for Washington State’s protection orders and family plans. The Goodman bill has passed the state house and senate and is awaiting for the Governor to sign into law.

As a lawyer and expert in criminal justice, Rep. Goodman has led the Legislature to enact a series of important bills, including landmark measures to reduce drunk driving, comprehensive reform of our state’s domestic violence laws, and a historic agreement between police and community groups to strengthen the law related to use of deadly force and police training. Goodman also enacted a major expansion of early childhood education, improvements to our court system and measures to help us prepare better for emergencies.

For years, Goodman has Chaired the Public Safety Committee with jurisdiction over the state’s criminal justice system. He sits on the Children, Youth & Families Committee, as well as the Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee. For six years, Goodman was the Vice-Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and was appointed to the Emergency Preparedness and Early Learning and Children's Services Committees. He is also currently a member of the Law and Justice Committee of the National Conference of State Legislatures and serves on the Public Safety Task Force of the Council of State Governments

As a recognized leader on public safety issues, Goodman has received numerous awards for his work on keeping Washington State roadways safe. Goodman has worked with the Washington State law enforcement community on HB 3254 and HB 2131 to strengthen state DUI laws. Goodman was named Outstanding Legislator of the Year by the Washington Association of Substance and Violence Prevention.

Rep. Goodman is ranked as one of the most effective legislators in the United States, as half of the bills he has introduced have been enacted into law, a remarkable accomplishment. He has developed long-lasting and productive working relationships with a wide range of stakeholders to address important policy issues.

Goodman earned an A.B degree from Dartmouth College in 1983 and three years later he was awarded a J.D. from The George Washington University. Goodman also attended Harvard University where he received his M.P.A. (Kennedy School of Government) in 1998.

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