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May 14, 2022

Dr. Ann Olivarius, JD, Dphil

Dr. Ann Olivarius is recognised for her pioneering work in representing victims of sexual violence, sexual harassment, and discrimination in both the UK and USA. She established McAllister Olivarius in the UK in 1999 and AO Advocates, a firm specialising in cases of institutional child abuse, in 2011.
Olivarius has been instrumental in securing stronger legislation in the UK against domestic violence and sexual cybercrime. Her firms have achieved landmark settlements for survivors of abuse and successfully coordinated international efforts to bring perpetrators to justice. She is one of Britain’s leading philanthropists and public speakers on women’s rights in business and academia.
Nelson Mandela, whom Ann advised personally after his retirement as president of South Africa, described her as ‘a lawyer who has advised me well and who has courageously advanced the cause of justice, and improved life opportunities, for hundreds of millions of women, blacks and disadvantaged, worldwide’.  
As an undergraduate at Yale, Ann worked in the office of the Chief Justice of the United States and was deeply involved in a landmark civil rights case, Alexander v. Yale, which sought to protect students from the practice of being forced to trade sex for grades. Because of her work on this case, she was cited by the American Civil Liberties Union on its list of the nine most influential actors in the history of Title IX, the U.S. law prohibiting discrimination in schools and universities.  She later obtained a D.Phil. in Economics from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar, and a JD and MBA from Yale in just three years, with highest honours.  She clerked for Marilyn Hall Patel, U.S. District Judge in San Francisco, and worked in the Mergers and Acquisitions departments of Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. 
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